Zazuu's Mission and SDG 10: Reducing Inequalities

Zazuu is actively working on SDG 10 by reducing remittances fees to less than 3%. We want to accomplish this much sooner before 2025. Inequalities exist at different levels across countries of the world with the most popular being Gender inequality. But one of such prevalent inequalities for African countries is remittances fees.

According to Zazuu’s CEO @kay during the last TweetChat series, he shared about the state of remittances in Africa and how Africans are missing out on the best deals for money transfer.

Covid19 has even deepened the inequalities further and the economic status of African countries are faced with challenges. By 2023, Zazuu hopes to achieve the SDG 10 by making it easier for anyone in Africa and Diaspora to enjoy the best deals on remittances.

Read more about SDG 10 on Reducing Inequalities on the United Nations Website:

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