Zazuu app review

  1. Zazuu only gives you option for use of web, even though I already have the app downloaded (transfer boss and world remit app) on my phone. Isit possible for the app to give me option for web or app based.

  2. Can payment be made via your app, as I don”t want to have 10 different transfer providers app on phone, as it’s not certain I will get best rate with same provider all the time.

  3. Point 1 and 2 are contradicting, so solution is to make payment via platform.

  4. Do you currently have FCA registration licence, if so does this need to be stated clearly on your app. Checked on FCA website, and Zazuu Is not on there.

  5. To allow customers to make payment on your app, Will you not need to extend your FCA permission?

  6. Are your money transfer providers FCA licensed I.e worldremit

  7. Can I suggest you include your terms and condition on your app. This will allow you to make it clear what liability you hold and what liability will be between the provider and customer. Suggest you look at compare the market app or website

  8. Do you not need to state how you getting paid or making money. Similar to compare the market.

Thanks for your feedback @Abi and welcome to the Zazuu community :wave:t5:

To make it easier for other community members to easily find the answers to your questions, I’ve answered some of your questions as a new topic.

  1. Zazuu only gives you option for use of web, even though I already have the app downloaded
  2. Can I make payment via the app?
  3. Indeed. This is the direction Zazuu is heading.
  4. Do you currently have FCA registration licence?
  5. Yes. We would need to have an FCA license in order to take payment in the app.
  6. Absolutely! All providers on Zazuu are FCA-regulated, compliant and safe.
  7. Thanks for your suggestion. We’ve included our terms of services link on the homepage.
  8. Indeed, we have answered that question on the forum. How does Zazuu make money? We are currently collecting FAQs and will create a dedicated page on the website in a few days.

Thanks for your questions and feedback Abi :raised_hands:t5:. Please, feel free to reply to this thread if you have further feedback or question.