November 2020 โ€“ New Sending and Receiving countries, please!

Hello Zazuuers,

In these extraordinary times and with Christmas fast approaching, the need to reach and support our loved ones back home is paramount.

Weโ€™ve added new sending and receiving countries to enable more people to discover better rates and fees when sending money to loved ones.

In addition to the United Kingdom and United States, you can now compare rates from the following countries:

  • :belgium: Belgium

  • :fr: France

  • :de: Germany

  • :it: Italy

  • :netherlands: Netherlands

But thatโ€™s not all! You can now send money to even more African countries:

  • :cameroon: Cameroon

  • :congo_kinshasa: Congo DRC

  • :cote_divoire: Ivory Coast

  • :mali: Mali

  • :rwanda: Rwanda

  • :senegal: Senegal

  • :south_africa: South Africa

We are constantly adding more countries and new providers. But for now, we hope these new additions will help you discover better rates and fees in these challenging times.

Stay safe and Happy sending :wink:

PS: Donโ€™t forget to update your app on the app store to see these new features!

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