Apps you can't live without?

What are your favourite apps on your phone and why?

  1. WhatsApp - First thing I always install on a brand new phone :slight_smile:
  2. GMail - A must for emails.
  3. Dropbox Paper - I’ve been using Paper a lot lately to jot down ideas, take notes and a whole lot more. I like how easy it is to share document and collaborate with others.
  4. Monzo - I like knowing what’s happening in my bank account in real-time :slight_smile:
  5. Spotify
  6. Audible - I’m lost without Audible, literally.
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Thanks for sharing @kay - a real mix of productivity, entertainment and (as it’s a phone!) communications.

My apps are:

  • Citymapper - the ultimate out and about app

  • Apple Podcasts - where I listen to 80% of my podcasts

  • Spotify - my music faves and the other 20% of my podcasts

  • Pocket - how I read all the articles I’ve saved for later